Weekend Watching 26.07.14

THE SLAP on Weekend Watching 260714 on OneSmallWindow.com

We've got an oddly compelling parody of that 'strangers kissing' video, we've got a documentary set in San Francisco, we've got another documentary about a photographer doing interesting work with food, and we've got a short fiction piece that is another great example of telling a big story without being overly flashy.

We were at Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers India Couture Week 2014

Actress Shraddha Kapoor for designer Gaurav Gupta

We spent six days at India Couture Week in Delhi producing videos for Vogue India, and here are some of the pictures we took while checking focus, waiting for a show to begin, or prepping for an interview.

Interview with filmmaker MP Cunningham

Interview with filmmaker MP Cunningham

Filmmaker MP Cunningham has a great visual aesthetic, and as you will learn in this interview, he's been doing this for a long time. He has some interesting thoughts on filmmaking, cameras, and straddling the divide between documentaries and comedies.

Weekend Watching 05.07.14

ODILE ET MICHEL on Weekend Watching 050714 on OneSmallWindow.com

Three fiction shorts, three documentaries, an animation, and a message film come together in a robust selection. We have one of the best--and most harrowing--shorts we've ever featured in this section, and we've got multiple examples of superlative filmmaking.

Have a great weekend.