It all began with sonaluna pointing me in the direction of an artist named Michele Banks whose science paintings were beautiful, and a little heartbreaking.

We’ve been looking for things to do on the weekend that don’t involve (merely) stuffing our faces or staring at some sort of screen feeding us words or moving pictures. Painting seemed like a fun idea. Painting with watercolours seemed like even more fun.

And then there was the idea of wet-on-wet painting. Completely contrary to what our art teachers used to tell us to do in school. So she dug out some old paints we had and our first task was to infused a little hydration into those dried up cylinders of colour.

After we had allowed the pots to sit for a while with hot water seeping through, we proceeded to experiment. We used way more water than I remember using during school art exercises. It was fun. It felt like time well spent. And I think I want to explore the process further, maybe to produce some textures for my motion graphics work.

And when the paintings went into the scanner we discovered the above image, as one of the panels I’d painted during our exercise.

Happy accidents are the best.