I’ve been working very hard recently and though this isn’t exactly a free weekend, it has still been a day where I felt obligated to ‘do something to expand my skill-set’. Most recently, that has meant taking photographs. Staged shots with lights, experimenting with shadows, a video light and even the on-camera flash.

A couple of days ago it occurred to me that I should use the two model cars I own in a photo shoot of some kind. Both of them were acquired on a trip to London in 2004. When I was a kid my toys never survived seven years. These cars did. One is a replica of the London Taxi and the other is a tiny replica of the Mini Cooper.

While my initial attempts at shooting the Mini Cooper yielded a few interesting results, things really kicked into high gear when I made the London Taxi the star of my shots. The dining table was our shooting surface, water bottles provided a bit of atmosphere in the background and my single solitary video light was hard at work again.

The car was placed in the path of the light that was aimed at the camera (cinematographer Ravi K. Chandran called it the American Apparel style when we were chatting one day) and I got this shot.

Too ‘warm’ for my taste.

So I tweaked it a bit, messed around with the colour balance, and moved several other sliders this way and that to get the following image.

Around this stage the image jogged a memory. And that memory turned into a lightbulb that lit up nice and bright and I realized that I had all the raw material I’d need to create a fan poster for a television series (if you can call three episodes a series) I had watched (and really loved) on BBC Entertainment.

And so my photograph turned into this poster.

If you didn’t catch the new-look, modern-day Sherlock when it played on TV, look for it on DVD.

Benedict Cumberbatch is excellent as the brilliant, and somewhat obnoxious, detective. In our modern world the famed detective uses cellphones, maintains a blog and still lives at 221B Baker Street. Equally (if not more) amazing is Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson.

It was a lot of fun to watch these familiar and much-loved characters in a totally unfamiliar setting – the present. Sadly, the first season only produced three episodes, so just when you’re getting into it, the damn thing ends.


There are reports that Sherlock will be returning for a second ‘season’ comprised (sadly, yet again) of three more episodes. I suppose something is better than nothing. So I wait…