Mumbai’s Gallery Maskara opened their first purely ‘projected works’ show called The Trophy on Valentine’s Day.

Belgian artist Ruben Bellinkx is showing 16mm films in continuous loops around the cavernous space and these things need to be seen to be believed.
Dogs barking at a chair (before they attach and destroy it); a stag mounted on a wall (until we round the corner and see the truth about the animal). Also featured is the Turning Tables piece that was part of a group show last year as well as the artist’s earliest work which is placed in a totally unexpected part of the gallery.

It is an amazing experience to walk into the cool confines of the gallery to the rattle of several 16mm projectors running simultaneously. The pieces are captivating in and of themselves but it is also enjoyable to stare at the light emanating from the source itself.

Perhaps it is the filmmaker in me that is drawn to the projector – the final source of magic and mystery from which wondrous images can flicker forth to enthrall, amuse or distress but really to my mind the medium was as enjoyable as the work when I visited this show.

We interviewed the artist before the show opened and he spoke at length about his process, the challenges in getting animals to interact contrary to their nature (for the purpose of his art), and why he hasn’t incorporated sound into any of his films.