A new exhibition opened at Mumbai’s Gallery BMB on March 9th.

Featuring the works of Allison Kudla, Ratna Gupta, Tatiana Musi, Teresa Gruber and Soazic Guézennec, the concept of this show as quoted from the gallery’s website is “the nostalgia of what we had, the pride of what we have and the fear of what we may not have.”

Concepts of nature, how humans interact with the world they live in, and the constant push-and-pull between habitat and inhabitants is explored through the photographic works, videos and installations that make up this show. We spoke with four of the artists (Ms Gruber was not present) as well as the curator and the following video is the sum total of what we learnt.

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Allison Kudla
Ratna Gupta
Tatiana Musi
Teresa Gruber
Soazic Guézennec