French electronic musician Eryck Abecassis demonstrated some of the music from his current project at the Matthieu Foss Gallery on March 22nd, 2011.

In India on a grant, Mr. Abecassis plans to convert his recordings of noise and collaborations with Indian musicians into an opera.

After the guests had seated themselves on the mattresses strewn across the gallery’s floors, the lights were turned off and Mr. Abecassis (who resembles the actor John Turturro somewhat) played a forty-something minute set of the music he has been making for this project. In his own words the music we heard that night can be categorized as ‘noise music’. The main source for his audio samples, on this project, are the ship breakers of Alang, in Gujarat, where large seafaring vessels are taken apart by human hands.

It was fascinating to listen to the percussive sounds of hammers against metal, the hiss of blowtorches and even the voices of the men who supervise the work of breaking down these ships being remixed and rearranged into hypnotic beats interspersed with Indian Classical vocals.

We managed to corral Mr. Abecassis for a short interview before he performed, so click on the video below to listen to the man’s own account of his inspirations, the ideas he is working with and what he hopes to achieve.