One Small Window is run by filmmaker Elvis D and musician sonaluna.

A quick FAQ:

Q. Where are you from?
A. Mumbai, India. Born and raised.

Q. What is this website?
A. It is our exploration of what it takes to be creative. [Pause. Roll eyes. Let’s resume.] In all seriousness, because of the line of work we have chosen, we have no choice but to constantly examine and analyse the various elements that go into being creative. Whether it’s film, music, design, art or writing, it is a continuous quest to get better at what you do and this site celebrates the people and the work we admire.

Q. What is the end goal?
A. To talk to people who create things and to showcase things we’re happy were made.

Q. Can we send in our work?
A. Of course. Please get in touch via the Contact page.

Q. Do you collaborate with people?
A. Yes we do. Again, get in touch via the Contact page.


Independent filmmaker and screenwriter.


Musician / Sound Editor