The Music of Sucker Punch


I can best describe the opening sequence of Sucker Punch by likening it to a very specific moment on a rollercoaster – the one where you realize exactly how fast the ride is going to go. You’re strapped in, the cars have only just begun to move, and your brain is aware that you will be in for some high-speed action shortly. You’ve been on a rollercoaster before, you know what it’s all about. Even so. Every time you get back on a new ride, there is that one moment when you realize – very physically - exactly how fast this thing that you’re sitting in now is going to go.

Nostalgia, Pride and Fear at Gallery BMB


A new exhibition opened at Mumbai's Gallery BMB on March 9th.

Featuring the works of Allison Kudla, Ratna Gupta, Tatiana Musi, Teresa Gruber and Soazic Guézennec, the concept of this show as quoted from the gallery's website is “the nostalgia of what we had, the pride of what we have and the fear of what we may not have.”